3GoodQuestions transforms planning from a frustrating, contentious exercise into a productive, positive and effective act of leadership.
To raise new questions, new possibilities, to regard old problems from a new angle, requires creative imagination and marks real advance in science. Albert  Einstein
David Williams in Madison,  Wisconsin.
"A major stimulant to creative thinking is focused questions. There is something about a well-worded question that often penetrates to the heart of the matter and triggers new ideas and insights."
               - Brian Tracy, Motivational Coach and Author

"Judge a person by their questions, rather than their answers."
               - Voltaire

"The one who asks questions doesn't lose his way"
               - African Proverb

Focused questions can help trigger creative thinking that has value. Good advertising always begins with clear focus. If you do not know your target audience then you cannot possible know the benefits they deem important. And then, it does not matter what you say or where you say it. Your message will be a shotgun when you need a rifle. Your message will be a waste that few can afford. So get focused. Identify who you are, what you do and who buys your products or services. Define your target audience and establish your brand. Then, your creative will have meaning, your budget will have a better ROI and your business will grow.

It is often said that good times hide a lot. True. What are you doing to ensure that your advertising and marketing efforts are synchronized and targeted during these tough economic times?
  • Have you conducted a target audience audit?
  • Have you distilled product/service attributes to specific customer benefits?
  • Have you researched media used by competition and target audience habits?
  • Does your brand have value outside of your immediate market(s)?
  • Does your brand convey benefits that are important to other target groups?
  • Will your core target audience(s) significantly change in the near future?
Based in Madison, Wisconsin, Broadbent & Williams Advertising can help you focus your advertising dollars and internal resource so you minimize waste and get the best return on your investment. Contact David Williams today and start getting focused tomorrow.

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Question-based Planning by Derrick Van Mell

This Book is a Must Read for Both Tough Times and Good Times!

The days of getting money without a business plan are gone. So, CEO's (CFO's) have an additional dilemma: fulfill banks' and investors' expectations for third party, objective business plans while avoiding the expense, delay and agony of traditional strategic planning. Question-Based Planning results in a persuasive business case for continued financial support. Derrick Van Mell's new book is a must read. More...

3 Good Questions helps businesses establish focus fast.

A Business Planning Group You Should Know About!

Good questions clarify purpose and direction so managers can move forward together toward a common goal. 3GoodQuestions' questioned-based planning approach to business planning is focused, fast and inexpensive. In these tough times, businesses cannot afford to spend months on a "$70,000 doorstop" they'll never use. 3GoodQuestions is a solution you should learn more about. Visit their website at www.3goodquestions.com Remember, tough times call for tough questions.

Is Your Business Effectively Using the Internet?

A good Internet strategy starts with a clear understanding of your target audience and the resources available to both implement and maintain your Interent marketing efforts. Broadbent & Williams, based in Madison, Wisconsin, can help your Internet program get focused and offer measureable results.

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